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Full coverage not only provides protection for the other driver and vehicle in the event of an accident or loss, it also protects YOU and YOUR vehicle! This agency highly recommends full coverage on all vehicles in order to provide the highest protection for you and your family.
The State of Texas offers different levels of liability coverage for consumers to choose from. You only pay for the limit you feel is appropriate for your policy. The state minimum is required, but more protection is always available. This agency recommends higher limits for better security, and will work with you on all options!
Most companies offer coverage for all eligible drivers in your household. We are able to provide options from several different companies, and will verify all driver coverage before finalizing the policy.
Not usually- we are able to pull that information as we quote your household. However, we will contact you if any questions arise.
Payments can be made either in full, or monthly. There is usually a discount when you pay in full!
Your U.S. auto insurance won't cover you after crossing the border of Mexico.
Yes! We offer quotes for all eligible vehicles such as motorcycles, boats, RVs/trailers, and ATVs!
The best way to contact us is by calling us at (210) 405-0032 or emailing us at LSTONE@TEXASASSOCIATES.COM
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